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Kurt Whitehead USCG Captain
Master Alaskan Fishing Guide & Outfitter Phone 907.738.5000
Email Kurt! Trina Nation USCG Captain & Fishing Guide
Licensed Assistant Guide
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Phone 907.738.5000
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PO Box 388 Klawock, AK 99925
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Fishing Info

Fishing Gear List

To enjoy Klawock fishing is to be prepared for all weather conditions. Klawock stays cool throughout the year with a fair amount of rainfall. We recommend you bring:
Camera with charger or extra batteries, Toiletries, Warm Jacket, Warm Shirts, Warm Pants, Stocking Hat, Baseball Cap, Sunglasses, Gloves, a pair of Crocs to wear at night, Socks, etc. Very few items are needed since rubber boots, rain gear, linens, towels and bedding is provided.
If you bring your personal gear in one carry-on bag then you can check your fish boxes on the way home as luggage.


We provide top quality Helly Hansen rain gear and Viking rubber boots so you don't have to travel with yours.
Our rods are mostly Lamiglass and Phenix and are excellent fishing rods.
We maintain our Shimano, Penn and Diawa reels to the highest standard and have them rebuilt often. They will be clean, free of defects and operating perfectly or we will slap a new one on immediately.
Both the braided Powerpro and P-Line mono we use are among the best in the industry.
The Salmon fishing bait is mainly cut-plug herring with Owner hooks.
The Rockfishing jigs are mainly Point Wilson darts or rubber tails with bait.
The Halibut gear is mainly cut bait with circle hooks.
Fighting belts and other gear is provided for your use.
All our gear is in excellent working condition.

Saltwater Fish Runs and Limits of Southeast, AK

This table indicates when sport fish are present (half circle) or at their peak availability (full circle) in the saltwaters of Southeast, AK.

This table indicates the presence of fish in the area, but not the legal fishing season. Some areas may be closed, so be sure to check a current regulation summary from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game before planning your trip.

2016 fishing limits:

  • King Salmon: 1 per day over 28", 3 per year
  • Silver Salmon: 6 per day
  • Sockeye Salmon: 6 per day
  • Chum Salmon: 6 per day
  • Pink Salmon: 6 per day
  • Halibut: 1 per day (under 42" or over 80")
  • Lingcod: 1 per day, 2 per year (one 30-40", one over 55")
  • Dungeness Crab: 3 males per day
  • Alaska Spot Shrimp: 3 pounds per day
  • Non-Pelagic Rockfish: 2 per day i.e. Yelloweye, Canary, Tiger, Quillback, Silvergray, Copper, China, Rosethorn only 1 may be a Yelloweye
  • Pelagic Rockfish: 5 per day i.e. Black, Dusky, Yellowtail, Widow